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In the winter of last year's foreign trade environment, Zhongshan local lighting enterprise with product development and patent protection, and "The Belt and Road along the country's market development, to produce a good export performance. 5, the author learned from the Zhongshan customs, in 2015 the city's lighting exports 8 billion 810 million yuan, contrarian growth of 33.7%. In the first quarter of this year, 1 billion 810 million yuan of lighting exports, an increase of 13.4%.

Products and brands to grasp"

In fact, the first half of last year is not particularly desirable, but since last October, the United States, Germany and Poland, Europe and the United States, such as the gradual increase in customer orders, growth is also relatively rapid. From the end of last year, the European and American countries and regions began to recover the economy, lighting market gradually warmer. Poor economic environment in Russia last year, the current economic situation has begun to improve.

Although last year the export pressure, but the lighting business has been focusing on the research results of innovation, it also exports contrarian growth provides a great help. Enterprises in the field of product design has been the industry leader, for different regions of the market demand, the use of professional teams to design differentiated products. Last year, the company also won the "best product design award" awarded by American customers, and this year will also be part of the u.s..

It is those who pay attention to the export product design and R & D enterprises contrarian growth. In addition to the product, we are also strengthening the promotion of the brand, highlighting the brand effect, increase product added value. In order to go out, we must first do a good job in the construction and protection of intellectual property rights and patents.

Enhance the ability of enterprises to protect their own intellectual property rights and the level of protection against infringement risks, but also the focus of Zhongshan in the field of intellectual property protection. In seventeenth the town lights Fair, the emergence of a number of products with high added value, high level of original design of small and micro lighting business, but most enterprises attach importance to intellectual property rights is far from enough, intellectual property protection consciousness and ability needs to be improved.

To this end, the Zhongshan customs joint association of lighting industry, carry out the policy guidance of Customs Protection of intellectual property rights for enterprises, associations, township, establishing large-scale enterprise contact and cross customs linkage system, increase the focus on industry market order rectification, the Customs Protection of intellectual property extends to the production process and export service links. At the same time, Zhongshan customs based on the "chief WeChat", "customs and enterprises face" and "Customs open day" three platform, guide enterprises and individuals actively to the customs customs registration of intellectual property rights, with the help of the customs administrative law enforcement forces fighting rights, promoting foreign trade development. According to statistics, in 2015 Zhongshan a total of more than 110 local enterprises for the record of more than 260 independent customs protection of intellectual property rights in the General Administration of customs.

Improve product development to open up new markets

The author also found that in the interview, the market layout around the "The Belt and Road", highlighting the new trend and new changes in the lighting business export business also had reflected.

With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, the domestic lighting enterprises products along the country is increasing recognition, awareness and understanding of the domestic manufacturing industry is deeper. With the gradual development of emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, small quantities, customized orders are increasing, the rapid increase in the demand for the rapid clearance of lighting companies. All the time, Guzhen lighting wholesale wholesale channels, accounting for about 85% of the wholesale and retail proportion, this is mainly limited by the opaque information and logistics development. General from the cabinet to customs clearance to 5 working days, if you want to check the cabinet has to be an extra one week, the time cost is relatively high.

It is reported that, in order to shorten the filing, customs clearance, logistics enterprises and other aspects of the time, the Zhongshan customs and Weigao Logistics Group has build a common cross-border electricity system, even small orders can also be quickly declared through the system, enterprises have the opportunity to directly face the international consumers. According to the company, relying on the export of cross-border electricity supplier platform, single ticket customs formalities for less than 1 minutes, saving more than 20% of customs clearance costs.

In addition, according to the Zhongshan Customs said that since Zhongshan bonded logistics center into the integration of regional customs, customs clearance of goods has changed the traditional mode of operation, enterprises save intermediate links in the process of Customs focused packing and many other traditional customs clearance mode brings, can save the logistics cost, from two to 30%, a substantial increase in the efficiency of customs clearance.