VR/AR application can become a new growth point in the field of LED lighting? < BACK

In April 2016 the InfoComm China exhibition site, lighting technology based on a small pitch LED display as the carrier, demonstrated the VR virtual reality, attracted many viewers to experience a lot of game player, admitted that the traditional projector is replaced by a small screen space, feel more realistic, with immersive immersive effect. Not only that, combined with small spacing screen and VR also have a brilliant future, build the walls through the LED screen (front, left and right and the ground), is conducive to the elimination of the impact of the surrounding environment.

VR/AR subversion of the traditional landscape lighting

Lighting industry will fully enter the VR/AR, holography, 3D MAPPING, interactive, somatosensory and other digital technology in the new field, to further improve the application of its light industry chain.

The lighting industry from the audio-visual touch interactive multidimensional comprehensive upgrade night lighting lighting design and implementation, will be upgraded to the traditional concept of night lighting multidimensional light show. The 4D light show at the Shanghai Museum of natural history is a good piece of work. At present, the lighting company has the State Intellectual Property Office identified VR/AR issued as a patent, this unique 3D image technology used in the field of VR/AR, can help the screen to achieve a more clear, multi-dimensional 3D effect.

In addition, many companies hold a wait and see attitude on VR/AR technology, part of the company's naked eye 3DLED display products are in the market, and the company will pay close attention to the future development of new technologies, such as VR. While some companies have begun to use Home Furnishing lighting, VR new technology to attract consumers, previously reported, lighting companies are using VR technology, launched the "virtual environment" system, customers can add a variety of system operation, replacing Home Furnishing lighting room, intuitively feel the disposition effect, Home Furnishing decoration provides "one-stop" purchase the convenience for consumers.

In the industrial environment, policy support, as well as the support of hundreds of billions of market, VR/AR technology will bring new opportunities for the LED lighting industry.